Sofie Roos

Sofie Roos

Sofie Roos is a licensed sexologist and couples therapist. She works non-profit for Passionerad aside from her employment.

Sofies background

Sofie started to study sexology at Malmö University in Sweden and took her degree in 2006. 

A few years later she started specializing in sexual dysfunctions.

Sofie worked as a sexologyist within the public care and kept studying to become a therapist on the side of her employment. 

In 2015 she verified as a couples therapist and has since worked with people who are facing destructive sexual habits. 

Sofie has 18 years of experience within the field and has worked all across Sweden, including Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm and Luleå.

My goal with being a part of Passionerad is to normalize talking openly about sex and intimacy.